Water Coolers

Bring naturally filtered Spring Water to your home or business. Our beautiful tasting spring water sourced from protected areas in NSW’s Blue Mountains region. The water is naturally filtered through layers of Sandstone, giving it an incredible taste. Our high-quality water cooler systems ensure you have access to a mix of icy cold, hot or room temperature spring water at any time. Choose the right fit for you from our range of affordable water cooler systems and taste the difference.

Family-owned and operated for 30 years, we aim to provide you with the best service possible and will deliver to Sydney & Wollongong within 10 days of receiving an order.

Cooler Bottles

CS Pure Spring Water promises great taste and convenience through Water Cooler Bottle Delivery service. Starting at just $12.00, your home or business will benefit from the purest spring water sourced from the Blue Mountains and naturally filtered through layers of Sandstone.  Additionally, we employ stringent testing, independent auditors, a four-stage filtration system and double UV light sanitisation systems to ensure our customers only drink safe, purified natural spring water

We pride ourselves on our Environmentally-friendly and fully-sustainable production process and are committed to sustaining our environment for future generations and take great care to make sure nothing goes to waste. We recycle 95% of all CS Pure products back to manufacture. Our bottles at the end of a 6-year lifecycle are repurposed and given new life.

Filtration Systems


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